At NSS, we inspire the people to always speak out regardless of your background, economic status, race, and more. Recognize that your voice matters and that you CAN invoke change.

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Brianna Jones

Growing up I felt like I never really had a voice. So NSS is very personal to me. My mission is to inspire those who have been hurt, abused, and mistreated: recognize the power that they hold in their tongue. Everybody is somebody. Whether it's mental health, racism, sexual assault or more, we want this to be an open space to dive into these issues and address what we can do as a community to help educate and voice our opinions on subjects like these. Your voice matters. You matter. And I want you to know you can do a lot more than you think you can!

Jozette Luke

To me, NSS means being heard. It means to be bold and proud. It’s given not only myself an opportunity to fight for what i know is right but for my community to be able to stand together as well. I hope to inspire people from all over to do what we have our small community. I want people to know that change can happen and it starts with you.

Courtney Ford

NSS to me means to speak up. No matter what size platform you have in the community. Social media, your friends, peers, or family. Be the change. Never stop speaking up about injustices. Personally, I want to make a change within my community,My peers, and the world. “The biggest people with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest people with the smallest minds, think big anyway.” Keep pushing for justice, keep striding for equality. Be the change you want to see. It starts with us.

Malik Lothery

NSS to me is exactly what it stands for: a group of individuals being able to come together and be heard. Those who refuse to be silent any longer and an outlier for those who want a safe community for black and brown people. And not only stopping there but to also tackles other problems that our world faced and come together to make a change.

Blaze Ho'omakoa

NSS to me is a reminder of what to do in times of injustice. Our true power comes in our voices and we should never be silent in the face of oppression. I get to be part of a  movement whose sole goal is to unite people. Educate on these topics and create positive change in the world

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